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How long does it take to deliver a USB flash drive?

We work with a number of suppliers and have several USB flash drives in stock. Before you

place your offer, please, also indicate your deadline. Non-branded products may be delivered

on the same day the order is placed, while branded USB flash drives are usually delivered

within 4 to 6 business days with express delivery. The standard – and more cost-effective –

production process usually takes 9 to 12 business days after the design is approved.

In what format should I send my company logo?

Please, send your logo in vector format, such as vector pdf, .eps, .ai or .cdr. It is possible to

print high-resolution images on card-shaped USB flash drives. In this case, please, provide a

min. 300dpi image.

Do you also undertake graphics design?

Should your logo not be available in vector format or need tweaking, we also undertake the

graphics design of the image. The costs depend on the scale of the work at hand.

Is the visual mock-up free?

Yes, it is, regardless of the quality and resolution of the logo, we make the visual mock-up for

free. Vector images are only required for the final order.

What kind of packaging are the USB flash drives delivered in?

The USB flash drives are individually wrapped in nylon packaging or put in small white

boxes. As an extra we also offer gift boxes.

What is an Artisjus sticker?

As of 2009, USB flash drives require an obligatory royalty fee. The extent of the royalty fee

depends on the storage capacity of the device. In other words, it is a so-called “USB flash

drive tax”.

When are Artisjus stickers not obligatory for USB flash drives?

Should the memory sticks be used outside of Hungary, the royalty fee is not applicable. In this

case we require the delivery note to be forwarded to us within 10 business days of delivery,

which proves that the devices have left the country.

Furthermore, the royalty fee does not apply to devices which store non-erasable data. If, for

example, a USB flash drive with 4 GB of storage place is pre-loaded with 1 GB of non-

erasable data, the royalty fee is only applicable to the remaining 3 GB. If all the 4 GB of

storage space is taken up by non-erasable data, no royalty fee is applicable.

Is there a possibility to transfer data to the USB flash drives?

Yes, there is, we transfer data to the USB flash drives for free. Please, send us the data to be

transferred to the device(s) when you place your order. The data transferred to the USB flash

drive will be erasable.

Pre-loading the device with non-erasable data is also possible for an extra fee.


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