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OTG USB flash drive

Has your smartphone run out of storage space?

Are you having issues transferring movies from your computer to your tablet?


OkospendrivePGWe are living in the heyday of smart USB PGA technology. What’s more, smartphones and tablets are gaining more and more ground on the local market. High data traffic requires faster data exchange. Thanks to smartphones, obtaining information and connecting various peripherals has become more comfortable and enjoyable, and these possibilities increase our standard of living.

Smart USB flash drives retained traditional USB memory functions and its micro USB port makes it easy to connect to tablets and smartphones. As a result, it is excellent for quick data transfer and it can also be used as a high-capacity external drive.


MU-791 (1)Smart USB flash drives allow us to watch our favourite movies in HD, play games and browse our photos and documents. What should we do when there is no WiFi connection nearby and bluetooth connection is too slow for data transfer? A Smart USB flash drive can help us in these situations.

Don’t spend a fortune on a smartphone with a bigger built-in memory, buy a new Smart USB flash drive instead.


Interoperability between various peripherals is crucial. The Smart USB flash drive brings USB memory sticks into a new dimension.


Okospendrive tabletThe USB flash drive requires the so-called On-the-Go (OTG) technology, which was developed in 2001. This enables interoperability between various peripherals, thanks to which it is not a problem any more to connect memory cards or USB memory sticks to printers, allowing us to print documents and pictures without the need to use a computer.


System requirements: OTG, Android Compatibility: Samsung: I9100, I9000, I9103, I997, I9220, I9228, I9250, I9300, S5820 Samsung Galaxy Note, N7000, Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Nexus Sony: LT18i, LT22i, Lt26i, LT28i Nokia: N810, c6, N8, 808, 603, E7 Motorola: XT910

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Minimum order quantity: 50 pcs

Available capacities: 8 Gb-32 Gb

MU-792 (1) okospendrive 3

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