Custom made USB-Sticks =
returning customers,
well-placed advertisements, increasing profits

Pendrive reklámajándék - Keresd Németh Ritát!


With years of experience we have been part of a number of success stories.

Customer testimonials:

Dear Rita, I received the package on time, thank you very much for your fast work!

You don’t know how much you have helped!

Thank you!

Irén Hanzsek

Garzon Bútor

I was able to choose a device suitable for my needs from a wide range of products. The fact

that they also helped me with the packaging suggests a flexible service.

Endre Pohárnik

Point Kft.

Customer satisfaction:

After every purchase customers fill in a questionnaire about the quality of our services, where

they can give their opinion and suggest any changes they feel are needed. On a scale from 1 to

10, our customers can rate our products, administration process and communication. The

results so far have been very positive.

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84.6 percent of our customers have given a rating of 10 for our services.

92.3 percent of our customers have given a rating of 9 or 10 for the products they received.


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