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Pendrive reklámajándék - Keresd Németh Ritát!

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I worked at a major advertising firm for several years, and based on my experience, clients are

reluctant to make their choices from a lengthy catalogue, as they usually have completely

unique requirements. I, personally, absolutely agree with that approach, because a gift has to

be burnt into the memory of the client. I established PendriveGuru based on this foundation,

where we give freedom for creativity.

Offering first-rate products and being dedicated are top priority, as these promotional gifts are

in the forefront of your company’s marketing and communications activities. A well-made

and well-functioning USB flash drive makes your client return and recommend your services

to others by giving a good reference. However, if the logo on the USB flash drive fades away

or it “forgets” data, your clients may take it as a bad sign and choose one of your competitors.

This is the reason why we offer a lifetime warranty for all our products.

I always strive to make sure that my clients receive value for their investment and possibly

even a little more. With this approach I may not become rich but at least I can sleep at night.

If something is not heading in the right direction, I have trouble sleeping, which is why I am

extremely concerned about my work, and so my being here is also a guarantee for quality.

Rita Németh, CEO

Customer testimonials:

I was able to choose a device suitable for my needs from a wide range of products. The fact that they also helped me with the packaging suggests a flexible service.

Endre Pohárnik
Point Kft.

Quick, flexible and quality work completed to our satisfaction.

Szilvia Geluh
Remagine Kft.

To me it was a positive experience that the USB flash drive was tweaked until we were completely happy with the design. It was also very positive that we received a mock-up image already after our first exchange of e-mails.

Presbytarian Primary School of Kecskemét

Extensive communication during our quote request, helped in the decision making.

Anett Hegedűs
FlexiTon Kft.

Met all our requirements and kept our deadlines.

Andrea Pál
Electool Kft.

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